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Acceptable Use Policy

This acceptable usage policy sets out the terms that allow you to access our website https:/ ("our website"). This appropriate policy of usage extends to all our website users and visitors.

Your use of our website means that you accept and agree to abide by all the policies contained in this acceptable policy of use that complement our Terms of use.

https:/ is a blogger and motivational speaker website run by Divya. This is a site where our thoughts and experiences can connect with people and spread love and affection around the world.

Prohibited Uses

Our website can only be used for lawful purposes. You are not permitted to use our Site:

  • In any way that breaches any state, national or international law or legislation applicable to it.
  • In any manner that is illegal or dishonest, or has some illegal intent or effect of fraud.
  • To knowingly transmit any data, send or upload any material containing viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time bombs, keystroke loggers, spyware, adware or any other harmful programs or similar computer code designed to adversely affect any computer software or hardware activity.
You also agree:
  • Not to replicate, copy or re-sell any proportion of our site provided for in the Terms of use.
  • Do not interfere with harm or disturbance to the connection without authority;
  • Each part of our site;
  • Any infrastructure or network that our site is placed on;
  • Any software which is used to support our site;or
  • Any equipment or network or program which some third party owns or uses.

Interactive Services

We can sometimes include interactive services on our site, including the ability to post comments and other materials in response to articles on our site(interactive services) without restrictions.

We will do our best to determine any potential risks to third party users( particular,children) while using any interactive service offered on our platform,and in each case We will decide if it is reasonable to use control of the applicant services in the light of those risks. Furthermore,We are not under any duty to supervise, track or regulate any interactive service that We offer on our web, and We specifically preclude our  responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from a user's  use of any interactive services in contravention of our content standards,whether or not the service is moderated.

A minor's use of all of our digital resources is subject to their parent or guardian's approval. They advise parents who encourage their kids to use an interactive service that it is important to communicate with their kids about their online health, as moderation is not foolproof. 
Minors who use any digital tools should be told about the possible risks.

Where we facilitate an interactive service, we will usually have a way to contact the moderator if there is a question or difficulty. 

Children's Policy

This website can be accessed by children as it doesn't contain any inappropriate content. However, this site uses information just for analysis. As this site is connected to third party i.e., Google Analytics which uses information just for the sake of knowing visitors per day or per minute on this website. We don't use any information for harm or inappropriate thing, analytics uses information just for calculating the daily visitors. Under COPPA Act for below 13 years children, we request all the parents to read this privacy policy before giving access of this site to your children.This is completely up to you. We will not be responsible for any harm or personal damage caused. We do not collect or share any information. But for the sake of safety we suggest you to read policy before accessing this website. And while giving access to your children, we are not responsible or answerable to any damage caused. So, if you are 13 year old and above, your are free to use this website but if you are below 13 years, don't access it as it is not important for children.

Content standards

Such quality requirement refer to any material that you add to our web, as well as any digital services that are affiliated with it.

You must abide by the spirit and the letter of the standards below. The standards apply both to each and every part of any contribution to its entirety.

Contributions should:
  • Be exact(where facts are stated)
  • Be truly held(where opinions are expressed)
  • In the UK and in every country from which they are posted comply with applicable legislation.
Don't need to contribute :
  • Contains any material that is defamatory of any person
  • Contains any pornographic,insulting, racist or inflammatory content.
  • To promote material which is sexually explicit.
  • Foster violence.
  • Promote race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age discrimination.
  • Infringes some other person's copyright, software right, or trademark.
  • Are likely to deceive any individual.
  • Be performed in contravention of any legal obligation owed to a third party,such as a contractual responsibility or an obligation of confidence.
Promoting any practices which are illegal:
  • Be offensive, violate or invade the privacy of another or cause irritation, discomfort or unnecessary anxiety.
  • Any other person is likely to threaten,offend, shame, warn or annoy.
  • Using yourself to impersonate someone, or distort your name or association with others.
  • Give the illusion that if this is not the case, they emanate from us.
  • Advocate, encourage or assist in any illegal act such as (for example only) infringement of copyright or abuse of computers.

Suspension and decommissioning

We will decide in our discretion,whether  your use of our site has infringed this appropriate use policy. If there has been an infringement of this policy, we may take action as we deem appropriate.

We reserve the right to screen, refuse to post,remove or edit any material posted at any time and for any reason, without prior notice, in our absolute and sole discretion, even though we have no obligation to do so. If we want to screen any posted material,the posting of such content can be delayed to allow for review. If we have questions about any material you have posted, we have the  right, to contact you for further information,including , for example, to verify that you own the copyright or otherwise have the right to post such materials, but not the duty.

Failure to comply with this appropriate use policy constitutes a material violation of the terms of use by which you are allowed to use our site, which may result in all or any of the following actions being taken:
  • withdrawal of your right to use our site immediately, temporarily or permanently. Issue your warning.
  • issue of a warning to you.
  • civil action against you for repayment of all expenses on the ground of negligence(including, but not limited to,fair administrative and legal expenses) arising out of the breach.
  • more civil actions against you.
  • disclosure of these information to law enforcement officials as we fairly see fit.
We preclude liability for acts taken in response to infringements of this reasonable use policy.The responses listed in this policy are not restricted, and we can take any further action that we reasonably find necessary.

Changes in the policy of acceptable use

At any time by amending this article, We can revise this appropriate use policy. For time to time, you are supposed to review this page to note any improvements we make, as they are legally binding on you. Many of the clauses included in this reasonable usage policy can be replaced by requirements or notices provided on our site elsewhere.

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